Walkthrough for Minecraft Dungeons covers information that aims to guide players with providing a detailed guide on how to complete various locations and main quests of the game. This page will only indicate an overview of what to do and expect for each area since the layout of each location is randomly generated each time a player travels to one. To identify the equipment that drops for each location, please click here.


Minecraft Dungeons Walkthrough


Squid Coast

Squid Coast is the tutorial area of the game. It serves as the first location where players will be given a guide on the basic and advanced mechanics of the combat system of the game. You'll encounter mobs here as well such as the Zombies, Skeletons, and the Illagers. For this area, it isn't randomly generated and the layout is fixed as well - there are 2 secrets and 2 chests that can be found here. At the end of this location, you will be able to set up Camp which serves as the main hub of the game.


Creeper Woods

Creeper Woods is the second location and the first mission that will be unlocked after setting the camp. There are 4 chests and 4 secrets that can be found in the forest-like location. The objective is to find the villagers, to free them, and to escape the forest. Make sure to explore the area since you will be able to find the entrance of the Creeper Crypt which is a secret location. Once you find it, you will be able to travel to the dungeon at any given time - there is no boss, but you will be facing new types of mobs such as the Creeper, Spiders, Armored Zombies, and the Vindicators. Multiple areas will be available after completing this location.


Soggy Swamp

In the Soggy Swamp, there are 6 chests and 1 secret that can be found. There are two bosses that will appear at this location. The Enderman is a mini-boss that you'll encounter mid-way, and the Corrupted Cauldron near the end. A secret dungeon can also be found here which is the Soggy Cave, we've found and noticed with other gameplay that the entrance can be found also on the left side of the map. So before you reach the main objectives, try to explore the area first. Once you complete this mission, the Blacksmith will be available at your Camp.

Corrupted Cauldron: Throughout the battle, the Corrupted Cauldron will remain stationary at the center of the arena. Its primary attack is projectiles and will constantly summon slime mobs that will also shoot out multiple projectiles at you. Apart from that, if you try to get close to the cauldron, it will conjure pink flames around it.

The best way to defeat it is by using your Ranged Weapons. Make sure you have at least the Rapid Fire or Multishot enchantments attached or have at least a ranged weapon that has a high fire rate. Usually, the slime mobs will spawn at one side and will be clustered, if you find yourself overwhelmed, use the Fireworks Arrow artifact to kill them with the explosion. Since the mobs are usually on one side, position yourself to the opposite section of the mobs so that you can get a clear shot of the cauldron. You'll be using your ranged weapons here for this battle, but if you're playing with another hero, you can have your other ally try to attack the cauldron with a melee weapon once the flames disappear.


Pumpkin Pastures

The objective is to ring the warning bell to warn the villagers of the Arch-Illager's attack. For this location, there is 1 secret and 1 chest that can be found. You'll find another entrance for a secret location which is the Arch Haven. Since the layout of locations is always randomly generated, it is quite difficult to indicate its exact location. However, there's a pirate ship that you can discover here that led us to the entrance of the secret area. You can give that a try, apart from that, make sure to check every corner of the map so that you can find it.

In the Pumpkin Pastures, you'll encounter the Evoker as a mini-boss who will keep appearing in random spots. Before you complete it, the Evoker will fight you as the main boss for this location. The Evoker will try to keep you away from him by summoning magical wisps and pillars. Having the Boots of Swiftness artifact, as well as the Death Cap Mushroom will benefit in this battle. Its pillar attacks inflict high damage, but it doesn't have that much armor, and continuously attacking it with melee weapons will quickly kill him. The reason why the two artifacts are recommended is to speed up your movement and attacks, you'll be able to run around the Evoker and quickly close the gap to land those melee attacks - once you've completed this location, the Wandering Trader will be available to trade with back at the Camp.


Cacti Canyon

After the Pumpkin Pastures, you can either farm first and visit the Arch Haven dungeon or continue with Cacti Canyon. There is 1 secret and 2 chests that can be found here. The boss you'll encounter here is a mini-boss, which is the Skeleton Horseman. The goal is to find the entrance of a temple, better to team up with someone since there is a large number of mobs you'll encounter here. Or if you're playing alone, equip artifacts that can spawn a companion such as the Tasty Bone or Wonderful Wheat if ever you obtain it from the Wandering Trader.

Skeleton Horsemen: Divide and Conquer, that is the best strategy for this mini-boss. This mini-boss appears in a group of four skeleton horsemen, you'll want to avoid being caught in a group. Having the artifacts, Boots of SwiftnessTotem of Shielding, and Wind Horn will help you win this battle. The Wind Horn will knock them back and cause them to separate from each other, when this happens, focus on killing them one at a time. Totem of Shielding will protect you from their projectile attacks, while Boots of Swiftness will give you the advantage of moving fast.


Redstone Mines

In Redstone Mines, there are 8 chests that can be found around the location. Watch out for environmental hazards such as the moving carts on the tracks, it can damage you if you get hit. You'll encounter the Evoker here as a mini-boss, and the Redstone Golem which is the main boss. You can find useful items that drop on the default difficulty such as the Spelunker ArmorHarvester, and Corrupted Beacon.

Redstone Golem: The Redstone Golem moves fast compared to the Redstone Monstrosity. It only has two attacks, a melee attack, and a crowd control attack where it summons mines around the arena. For its melee attack, it will try to chase after the hero, and once its close, the golem will swing its arm forward causing damage and pushes the hero back. For its second attack, it will place both of its arms on the ground to summon mines around the arena. All you have to do is avoid stepping on it or getting near its radius to avoid detonating it.

As mentioned, the Redstone Golem moves fast, having the Boots of Swiftness artifact will help you a lot so that you can run around the arena. Second, since you'll frequently be moving around, ranged weapons and artifacts will be your best tool in battle. Artifacts such as the Corrupted Beacon will allow you to shoot out a laser beam and damage it continuously and equipping your strongest Ranged Weapon that's enchanted with enchantments such as Rapid Fire or Multishot will help you fight it. The best time to attack it with your melee weapon is once it summons the mines - when you see it place its hands on the ground, immediately rush towards it and attack it before the mines appear.


Fiery Forge

In this area, you'll encounter the Redstone Golem as a mini-boss and the Redstone Monstrosity as the main boss. There are 5 secrets and 2 chests that can be found. Useful items that drop can be found here such as Iron Hide AmuletSoul Healer, and Totem of Regeneration.

Redstone Monstrosity: To start off, the Redstone Monstrosity moves slow, giving you the advantage of predicting its attacks and allowing yourself to move around the map. The only two things you want to watch out for are the square mobs that it spawns and the fireballs that it shoots. The Wind Horn artifact will be useful to push away the mobs if ever they get close to you.

If you notice, there are 4 square platforms around the arena. If you activate it, a pillar will rise up from the ground and shoots out a magma projectile in four directions. Use this to your advantage to quickly get rid of the mobs and to inflict damage to the boss if it's near it. Try to bait it then activate the pillars for a sure hit. Ranged attacks will work best for this battle, but if you want to use your Melee Weapons, make sure there aren't that many mobs around, and just attack a couple of times, then dodge away to avoid its melee attack which is a ground slam.


Desert Temple

There are 3 secrets and 7 chests that can be found in this location. Items such as the Shock Powder may drop from the Nameless One. You'll encounter the Enderman here as a mini-boss and the Nameless One at the end as the main boss.

Nameless One: The Nameless One only has two attacks. It summons an army of undead equipped with shields and spears. You can easily kill it with the Fireworks Arrow or Corrupted Beacon artifact. For its second attack, it will shoot green energy orbs while the mobs are around. The best time to spam your attacks is when it starts to summon, the time before the mobs appear is quite long, use that to your advantage. You can also easily dodge the energy orbs since it moves slow, summon a companion with you as well if you have the Tasty BoneWonderful Wheat, or Golem Kit with you to help you kill the mobs.


Highblock Halls

In Highblock Halls, there is 1 secret and 4 chests that can be found. You can find a secret location which is the Underhalls. The entrance for the secret location can be found near the starting point of Highblock Halls. You'll see a set of stairs, and at the bottom, there's an entrance with two shields hanging on the wall next to it on each side. Interact with one of the shields to open the entrance.

The Evoker appears here as a mini-boss, but before you reach the end, you'll be ambushed by multiple mobs. It is recommended to equip yourself with weapons that have a high fire rate or boosts the speed and attack, as well as artifacts that cause AoE effects and can summon a companion to help you. Artifacts such as the Fireworks Arrow can kill multiple enemies, the Wind Horn can push back enemies, and artifacts such as the Tasty Bone, Wonderful Wheat, or even the Golem Kit will allow you to summon a companion that can help you fight.


Obsidian Pinnacle

Obsidian Pinnacle is the last location for the main campaign. And your objective is to chase after the Arch-Illager. There are multiple mini-bosses in this location such as the Evoker and the Redstone Golem. Obsidian Pinnacle is the last location players will need to complete to beat the main campaign. Once you reach the Arch-Illager, you'll fight him, followed by the true boss, the Heart of Ender. Once you finish the location, players can rerun previous areas and beat it on a harder difficulty. Find out more on our New Game Plus page.

Arch-Illager: The Arch-Illager focuses on using his magic to fight you. He will usually shoot out orbs at you and summon random mobs, apart from that, the Arch-Illager will also teleport around the arena. If you notice, there are jump pads around, use this to your advantage to get out of sticky situations or to reposition yourself. Make sure to equip enchantments and ranged weapons that increase your speed, movement, or that has a high fire rate so that you can quickly eliminate the mobs. Having a companion fight alongside you will help as well, artifacts such as Tasty BoneWonderful Wheat, or the Golem Kit.

Heart of Ender: Heart of Ender appears after defeating the Arch-Illager. It uses a lot of AoE attacks such as laser beams and fast projectiles. Having certain artifacts equipped such as Boots of SwiftnessIron Hide Amulet, and Totem of Shielding will help you with survivability. You'll need the boost of movement to be able to run around the arena, Iron Hide Amulet to boost your defenses and Totem of Shielding to block projectiles. Most of the time you'll be keeping your distance from this boss, so you'll be using your ranged weapon a lot, having the Rapid Shot and Power enchantments is a good combination to rapidly shoot strong arrows.



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