Multiplayer for Minecraft Dungeons is a game feature and mechanic which allows players to invite and play with up to three other players to create a party of four heroes. The multiplayer mechanic for Minecraft Dungeons is available for online play or local couch co-op. This page covers information regarding the multilayer feature of Minecraft Dungeons.


Minecraft Dungeons Multiplayer

Online Multiplayer

  • Online play supports up to three other players.
  • In order to play online, you must have certain players in your list of friends. So make sure to ask for their IGN and add them up!
  • Once they're on the list, choose "Online Game" and you'll be able to view both online and offline friends
  • After choosing who you want to play with, select "Start Online Game" and you'll be ported to the Camp.
  • Next, bring up the Friends tab and invite the players you wish to play with.

Local Multiplayer

  • Local play supports up to three other players.
  • For local multiplayer, you'll simply need to have multiple controllers connected to your console. If you are playing on the PC, same thing, have multiple controllers plugged in, while the other plays on the keyboard and mouse.
  • To set up a local multiplayer game, choose "Offline Game" from the main menu. Just make sure that all of the controllers are connected. From here, your friends can choose their hero's appearance before heading to the Camp.

Other Notes & Reminders

  • Currently, Minecraft Dungeons is not available for crossplay, however, it may be possible in future updates.
  • During exploration, you can use the Ender Pearl to teleport you to your ally/allies if you are separated from them.
  • If one of your allies has fallen in battle, you can revive them within 30 seconds, or else you will also lose a life.
  • In conjunction with allies fallen in battle, the environment of the game will shift into the night which means more enemies will spawn in the area and try to close in towards the fallen ally.
  • When an ally has revived, make it a habit to quickly use a potion to replenish your health. Reviving does not recover full health.
  • Loot such as Armor, Weapons, Artifacts, and emerald-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guideEmeralds are not shared. However, bundles of arrows and consumable items are.
  • The amount and difficulty of mobs depend on the number of players in a party.

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      Um, you do share emeralds and souls. But, you don't share food, potions, arrows, and any weapons or artifacts.

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