Game Progress Route for Minecraft Dungeons covers information regarding a recommended progression path for the main campaign of the game, it aims to provide important points of the game to avoid any missing important aspects such as relevant Locations, NPCs, Items, as well as involved boss encounters. For more information on item and gear drops, please click on the link of a location's name to visit its page.


Minecraft Dungeons Game Progress Route


Squid Coast


  1. Go to the village.
  2. Defeat the Zombie!
  3. Defeat the invaders.
  4. Secure the Inner Gate
  5. Survive the ambush!
  6. Defeat the invaders.
  7. Set up camp outside town.


"The village is burning. No doubt this is the work of the evil Arch-Illager and his minions. They sweep across the land like a ravenous scourge, subjugating and destroying all in their path. This is a time for heroes like yourself. Make haste. The Villagers have need of you."

This area is the tutorial section of the game. The hero's camp will be available after completing this area.


Creeper Woods


  1. Free the Villager.
  2. Find the Caravan.
  3. Free the Villagers - 5 / 5
  4. Find the Exit.


"By the Arch-Illager's decree, all free folk are now enemies of the Illager Empire. Somewhere in these woods, a caravan is transporting villager prisoners to labour in far off lands. Find the caravan and stop the Illagers, for there's no telling what dreadful doom will befall our Villager friends."

Players are tasked to find the caravan and to free the captured villagers. On this area, you can find the entrance of the Creepy Crypt. An extra and secret location that will become available once you discover it. You can find the entrance of the crypt if you explore the left side of the map, at the early section of the mission.


Soggy Swamp


  1. Find the brews.
  2. Destroy the brews - 5 / 5
  3. Find the Cauldron.
  4. Smash the Cauldron.
  5. Escape the swamp.


"A coven of wicked witches live at the heart of the sinister swamp. They conjure up all manner of brews to empower the Arch-Illager and his ever-growing army. If you dont' find and defeat those witches, the Illagers will be unstoppable. But tread carefully, the swamp is home to many horrors."

There are two bosses that will appear at this location. The Enderman is a mini-boss that you'll encounter mid-way, and the Corrupted Cauldron near the end. A secret dungeon can also be found here which is the Soggy Cave, we've found and noticed with other gameplay that the entrance can be found also on the left side of the map. So before you reach the main objectives, try to explore the area first. Once you complete this mission, the Blacksmith will be available at your Camp.


Pumpkin Pastures


  1. Find the Village.
  2. Survive the attack.
  3. Lower the drawbridge - 2/2
  4. Find the Village.
  5. Ring the warning bell.
  6. Survive the attack.
  7. Enter the town hall.


"The Illager raids have roasted this once lush land to ruin. Only one village remains unspoiled in this corner of the world. Make haste, Hero! You must warn the Villagers there of the battle to come. You are their only hope."

The boss for this location is the Evoker. You can find another secret dungeon which is the Arch Haven. Since the layout of locations are always randomly generated, it is quite difficult to indicate its exact location. However, there's a pirate ship that you can discover here that led us to the entrance of the secret area. You can give that a try, apart from that, make sure to check every corner of the map so that you can find it. Just be careful, since you'll trigger an ambush event once you find the entrance. The Wandering Trader will be available to trade with at the Camp after completing this location.


Cacti Canyon


  1. Power the beacon.
  2. Find the temple.
  3. Power the beacons - 5/5
  4. Find the temple.
  5. Survive the ambush!
  6. Find the Golden Key - 2/2
  7. Open the Gold Gate
  8. Find the temple.
  9. Survive the ambush!
  10. Enter the temple.


"The Arch-Illager seeks to summon armies of the undead, using a power that rests deep within an ancient and forgotten desert temple. Find the temple, however, is an adventure in its own right. For the entrance lies hidden somewhere in this canyon, a sprawling maze of malevolent mobs and lost secrets."

The boss you'll encounter here is a mini-boss, which is the Skeleton Horseman. The goal is to find the entrance of a temple, better to team up with someone since there is a large number of mobs you'll encounter here.


Redstone Mines


  1. Locate Villagers.
  2. Free the Villagers - 3/3
  3. Locate Villagers.
  4. Free the Villagers - 6/6
  5. Leave the mine.


"These are unsettling rumbles in the mountains of the Overworld. Whispered rumours say the Illagers are building something dreadful, far beneath these ancient mines - something of soot, metal, and flame. Only such a hero as yourself could brave the cavernous underground and uncover the truth."

You'll encounter the Evoker here as a mini-boss, and the Redstone Golem which is the main boss. You can find useful items that drop on the default difficulty such as the Spelunker Armor, Harvester, and Corrupted Beacon.


Fiery Forge


  1. Enter the forge.
  2. Find the forge cores.
  3. Overload the cores - 8/8
  4. Escape the forge.


"The Fiery Forge - where the Arch-Illager builds monstrous machines that devastates the villages of the Overworld. He must be stopped. Strike with everything you've got, and raze this forge to ruins."

In this area, you'll encounter the Redstone Golem as a mini-boss and the Redstone Monstrosity as the main boss. There are 5 secrets and 2 chests that can be found. Useful items that drop can be found here such as Iron Hide AmuletSoul Healer, and Totem of Regeneration.


Desert Temple


  1. Find the tomb.
  2. Find the Gold Key.
  3. Find the tomb.
  4. Survive the ambush.
  5. Reach the tomb.
  6. Fetch the staff.
  7. Defeat the Nameless One.
  8. Escape the temple.


"Deep within these halls awaits a powerful necromancer, the forgotten ruler of a nameless kingdom. The necromancer wields an enchanted staff that holds the power to summon the undead. We must destroy it before the Arch-Illager can claim it in his tiny... evil hands. That would surely... be the doom of us all..."

There are 3 secrets and 7 chests that can be found in this location. Items such as the Shock Powder may drop from the Nameless One. You'll encounter the Enderman here as a mini-boss and the Nameless One at the end as the main boss.


Highblock Halls


  1. Reach the throne room.
  2. Destroy the Buffet - 4/4
  3. Destroy the Buffet - 8/8
  4. Destroy the Buffet - 4/4
  5. Reach the throne room.
  6. Defeat the guards.
  7. Pursue the Arch-Illager.


"You've made it to the abhorrent abode of the Arch-Illager, Highblock Castle. The halls are crawling with soldiers and sorcerers, so keep your blade at the ready and your wits about you. Find the grand throne, and confront the Arch-Illager."

For this location, you can find a secret location which is the Underhalls. The entrance for the secret location can be found near the starting point of Highblock Halls. You'll see a set of stairs, and at the bottom, there's an entrance with two shields hanging on the wall next to it on each side. Interact with one of the shields to open the entrance.


Obsidian Pinnacle


  1. Pursue the Arch-Illager.
  2. Defeat the Arch-Illager.
  3. Follow the trail.


There are multiple mini-bosses in this location such as the Evoker and the Redstone Golem. Obsidian Pinnacle is the last location players will need to complete to beat the main campaign. Once you reach the Arch-Illager, you'll fight him, followed by the true boss, the Heart of Ender. Once you finish the location, players can rerun previous areas and beat it on a harder difficulty. Find out more on our New Game Plus page.


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