Redstone Monstrosity

Location Fiery Forge
Weakness --




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Moobloom monstrusity

Redstone Monstrosity is a Boss in Minecraft Dungeons. Boss short description. Bosses are special enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. The Redstone Monstrosity is a giant golem made out of magma, it is the ultimate creation made by the Illagers and the Arch-Illager.


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Redstone Monstrosity Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

To start off, the Redstone Monstrosity moves slow, giving you the advantage of predicting its attacks and allowing yourself to move around the map. The only two things you want to watch out for are the square mobs that it spawns and the fireballs that it shoots. The Wind Horn artifact will be useful to push away the mobs if ever they get close to you.

If you notice, there are 4 square platforms around the arena. If you activate it, a pillar will rise up from the ground and shoots out a magma projectile in four directions. Use this to your advantage to quickly get rid of the mobs and to inflict damage to the boss if it's near it. Try to bait it then activate the pillars for a sure hit. Ranged attacks will work best for this battle, but if you want to use your Melee Weapons, make sure there aren't that many mobs around, and just attack a couple of times, then dodge away to avoid its melee attack which is a ground slam.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Magma Mobs Equip the Wind Horn and make sure to have a ranged weapon that has the Rapid Fire enchantment equipped. The Wind Horn will knock back the mobs if they get too close while a ranged weapon with a high fire rate will easily get rid of it.
Shockwave Dodge away to avoid the shockwave. The boss telegraphs this attack by raising both of its arms and slamming the ground.
Fireballs The boss will spit out fireballs towards your location. You can dodge to your sides or backward to avoid getting hit.



Redstone Monstrosity Lore

The Redstone Monstrosity is the ultimate and most powerful variation of the Redstone Golem. A beast born out of the Arch-Illager's power and the flames of the fiery forge, the Redstone Monstrosity strikes an intimidating appearance with its giant size, protruding horns, and three glowing eyes.


Redstone Monstrosity Notes & Trivia

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