Desert Temple

desert temple location minecraft dungeons wiki guide
Boss Enderman
Nameless One
Difficulty 3
Recommended Power 22
Secrets 3 / 3
Chests 7 / 7

Desert Temple is a location in Minecraft Dungeons. Desert Temple recommends a 22 Power Level in default mode and has Normal difficulty. The Desert Temple is a forgotten kingdom that is full of the remnants of the fallen warriors and followers of a powerful necromancer.


Deep within these halls awaits a powerful necromancer, the forgotten ruler of a nameless kingdom. The necromancer wields an enchanted staff that holds the power to summon the undead.

We must destroy it before the Arch-Illager can claim it in his tiny... evil hands. That would surely... be the doom of us all...


Desert Temple Information

  • Difficulty: 3
  • Recommended Power: 22
  • Gear and Artifact Power: 24-31
  • Boss: Enderman, Nameless One
  • Secrets: 3 / 3
  • Chests: 7 / 7


Desert Temple Objectives

  • Find the tomb.
  • Find the Gold Key.
  • Find the tomb.
  • Survive the ambush.
  • Reach the tomb.
  • Fetch the staff.
  • Defeat the Nameless One.
  • Escape the temple.


Desert Temple Loot and Drops

Listed below are the equipment items that drop for each difficulty mode. Items such as WeaponsArmor, and Artifacts randomly drop by mobs and are found inside chests. Players will need to rerun the location and hopefully, you'll have the chance for the item to drop. Undiscovered items are indicated with a Question Mark in the mission select screen back at the Camp. To learn more about unlocking the difficulty levels, check our New Game Plus page.


Desert Temple Notes & Tips

  • Traps are pancake crushers, knives, pancake sliders, spikes, double PCs, triple PCs, quadruple PCs, spike holes, side-knives, and grates.
  • Crazy mobs.
  • Other notes and tips goes here.



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