Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons are accessories that provide active skills, players can equip up to three artifacts in their inventory. There are many artifacts in the game that can be found and obtained through looting chests, acquiring it as drops from defeated enemies and bosses, rewards for completing quests and can be purchased from merchants. This page covers a full list of all the artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons.

Equipping Artifacts

Each artifact found in Minecraft Dungeons can equip up to three different types, in order to equip an artifact, open the inventory, select the artifact from your acquired list, and place it into the slot that you want them in. Each artifact has a power level and it determines the output of the effect or its potency.

Salvaging Artifacts

As you progress through the game, you'll most likely obtain similar artifacts that have a higher power level. If ever you obtain a similar artifact that's stronger than the one you currently have, you can salvage it in order to obtain emerald-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guideEmeralds which you can use to trade various gear with merchants at your camp.


Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts







Minecraft Dungeons Artifacts Table

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Artifact Name Effect Description Effect/s Cooldown
Light Feather Lets you tumble through the air, stunning and pushing back enemies as you go. Pushes back and stuns mobs for 2.8 sec. 3 seconds
Flaming Quiver Give you Burning Arrows. 20 ranged damage per sec. 30 seconds
Fishing Rod Pulls the closest mob in range to your position, briefly stunning that enemy. 1.6 sec. stun duration 5 seconds
Death Cap Mushroom Greatly increases attack and movement speed. Increases attack and movement speed for 8.2 sec. 30 seconds
Tasty Bone Summons a wolf to aid you in battle. 37 summon damage 30 seconds
Fireworks Arrow Puts a fireworks arrow into your quiver. The arrow explodes on hit. 41 ranged damage 30 seconds
Boots of Swiftness Gives a short boost of movement speed. Movement speed increased for 1.7 sec. 5 seconds
Wind Horn Pushes enemies away from you and slows them briefly. 5 blocks pushed 10 seconds
Corrupted Beacon Fires a high-powered beam that continuously damages mobs. 73 damage per second, +1 Soul Gathering Requires Souls, no cooldown
Ghost Cloak Briefly gain Ghost Form, allowing you to move through mobs and absorb some damage. Increases speed and allows the hero to move through mobs. 6 seconds
Golem Kit Summon an Iron Golem companion. Summon Damage 30 seconds
Harvester When used, the Harvester releases souls in an explosion. (Requires Souls) Artifact damage, +1 Soul Gathering 1 second
Ice Wand Creates large ice blocks that can crush your foe. Stuns Mobs 20 seconds
Iron Hide Amulet It provides a major boost to defense for a short time. Increased defense. 25 seconds
Love Medallion Turn up to three hostile mobs into allies for ten seconds before they disappear. Turns mobs into allies and boosts their damage. 30 seconds
Shock Powder Stuns nearby enemies. Stuns enemies 15 seconds
Soul Healer Heals the most injured ally nearby, including yourself. Instant healing effect, +1 Soul Gathering 1 second
Torment Quiver Gives slow arrows that knocks back mobs and passes through walls. Phase through walls and increased knockback, +1 Soul Gathering 1 second
Totem of Regeneration A totem that creates a circular aura, healing you and your allies. Healing aura effect 25 seconds
Totem of Shielding This totem has mystical powers that shield those around it from projectiles. Projectile shielding effect. 20 seconds
Wonderful Wheat Summons a Llama to aid you in battle. Summon Damage 30 seconds
Lightning Rod Call down a bolt of lightning onto the area. Artifact Damage Requires Souls, no cooldown
Gong of Weakening Weakens enemies around you. 6.7 sec. weakening duration 20 seconds
Corrupted Seeds Grow grapple vines, which inflict poison. 530 damage. Entangles and poisons enemies. 20 seconds
Enchanter's Tome Cast random enchantments on up to two allies that will aid them in unexpected ways. 16.6 seconds duration 15 seconds
Satchel of Elements Hits nearby mobs with an elemental status effect: struck by lightning, frozen, or set ablaze. 143261 Artifact Damage 10 seconds
Scatter Mines Scatter three explosive mines on the ground 13924 x 3 Artifact Damage 8 seconds
Updraft Tome Launch enemies into the air, stunning and damaging them 12032 Artifact Damage
6.3 seconds stun duration
12 seconds

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