Lore for Minecraft Dungeons covers information regarding the setting, and world that the game is in. This page features the backstory and elements that add depth and richness to the game. In Minecraft Dungeons, players will have to travel across lands as you complete your objective of reaching and defeating the Arch-Illager in order to save the villagers of the universe.


Minecraft Dungeons Lore

"It was a time of great adventure and danger. Shunned by his kin, an Illager wanders the land, seeking a new home. But all he found was Hatred. Driven by rage against those who wronged him, he wandered blind to whatever end. Until, at long last, the Illager found something that would change him forever: The Orb of Dominance. Corrupted by evil, driven by vengeance; the Arch Illager made all bow before him. And if they did not bow... they would fall. The Illagers raided the land. 

Who would have the valour, the purity of heart, to stand against the Arch Illager's reign of terror? Maybe... you?"

(Intro cutscene of Minecraft Dungeons)

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