Hero Camp loading screen.

Camp is a location in Minecraft Dungeons. The camp serves as the resting area and main hub of the hero. At the hero's camp, there are various features that can be done such as selecting or replaying quests of the game.


About Camp

The camp serves as the hero's resting area and main hub. In the Beta, the camp is unlocked after completing the first mission which is the tutorial section of the game, it is situated outside of Squid Coast. Various structures and features are available to use and interact with as the player progresses throughout the game.


Camp NPCs and Features

  • Interact with the map to check both discovered and new Locations and to start quests.
  • There are training dummies on camp where players can use to test out their weapons and artifacts.
  • Chests spawn on camp that contains items such as emerald-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guideEmeralds.
  • Other players who are in the host's party also appear at the camp after completing a quest.
  • As the game progresses, various NPCs or Merchants will appear at the camp:
    • Blacksmith: In exchange for emerald-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guideEmeralds, the Blacksmith is a merchant who gives items such as Weapons and Armor based on your level; the higher the level better the reward.
    • Wandering Trader: Similar to the Blacksmith, the Wandering Trader is a merchant who gives Artifacts based on your level in exchange for emerald-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guideEmeralds


Camp Notes and Tips

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  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.


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