Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons are a type of equipment that is used to inflict damage against hostile characters such as Enemies and Bosses. Weapons are categorized into different types that cater to a player's playstyle, each weapon equipped possesses its own stats, grants bonuses, and effects. There are two types of weapon rarity, first is the Common to Rare types which are weapons that have fixed bonuses and are commonly found as location drops, crafted by the Village, Mystery, and Luxury Merchants, and are obtained as rewards, while Unique Weapons are special types that have unique bonuses as well as other fixed bonuses and rarely dropped in locations or by bosses. Weapons are usually obtained as rewards from completing quests, purchased from merchants, looted from various locations, or are dropped by enemies or bosses. This page will indicate a list of all the Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons which will also include its description and values. You can find detailed information on its location and properties on each individual page linked below.

Enchanting a Weapon

Weapons can be empowered by unlocking Enchantments. Each time a player increases their level, they'll receive enchantment points icon minecraft dungeons wiki guide1 Enchantment Point. Enchantment Points are used to unlock enchantments and to increase its tier level to maximize the effect. Each weapon has a different set of enchantments that are available and players can only choose up to three different enchantments.

Can I Respec my Enchantment Points?

In Minecraft Dungeons, players can choose the option to "Salvage" it, by doing so, salvaging will allow you to obtain back the number of Enchantment Points you have spent on a specific armor, as well as a decent amount of emerald icon minecraft dungeons wiki guideEmeralds. Upgrading an item with Emeralds also gives you your enchantment points back.


Minecraft Dungeons Weapons


Melee Weapons










Ranged Weapons















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    • Anonymous

      PLZ update! you forgot the deep depths, flames of the nether, and the echoing void DLCs. i beg you to update, for the sake of up-to-date-ness.

      • Anonymous

        this does not have, like, anything from the flames of the nether and echoing void. where is the obsidian claymore and the cog crossbow??

        • Anonymous

          My favorite set is Frost Scythe with decent enchants. And a healing totem. (A artifact) And sometimes a lightning rod. (A artifact) Armor and bow does not matter as long as decent. I use this for Unique farming as gravity + sharpness on a Frost Scythe will attract mobs in. And I can annihilate all mobs in my way. Even better if you use the totem then attract em all in like a leaching effect. Works on ??? Moo island on apocalypse (+) The best.

          • Anonymous

            wear is the sun's grase???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? he is the best weapon thimk i

            • Anonymous

              i like the masters katana and master bow i prefer them the most in mc dungeons and btw my lvl is 104 and my power is 114

              • Anonymous

                you could combine the fangs of frost and the frost armor and enchant the fangs with all the ice-related enchantments and call your dude the champion of frost

                • Anonymous

                  I'm jealous of all of the cool weapon designs that Minecraft Dungeons gets compared to base Minecraft. I would love to see the team at Mojang Studios bring over a few of them, such as the Claymore, Flail, Longbow, Cutlass, and the Whip. I think those would make nice additions to the base game.

                  • The list of range weapons followed by their variants. Bow: Bone Bow and Twin Bow. Trick Bow: The Green Menace and The Pink Scoundrel. Shortbow: Purple Storm and Mechanical Shortbow. Longbow: Guardian Bow and Red Snake. Hunting Bow: Hunter's Promise and Master's Bow. Soul Bow: Nocturnal Bow and Bow of Lost Souls. Power Bow: Elite Power Bow and Sabrewing. Crossbow: The Slicer and Azure Seeker. Heavy Crossbow: Doom Crossbow and Slayer Crossbow. Rapid Crossbow: Butterfly Crossbow and Auto Crossbow. Scatter Crossbow: Harp Crossbow and Lightning Harp Crossbow. Soul Crossbow: Feral Soul Crossbow and Voidcaller. Exploding Crossbow: Imploding Crossbow and Firebolt Thrower.

                    • Missing Ranged Weapons: Twin Bow, Trick Bow, Purple Storm, Mechanical Shortbow, Hunter's Promise, Master's Bow, The Slicer, Azure Seeker, Rapid Crossbow, Auto Crossbow, Lightning Harp Crossbow, Voidcaller, Imploding Crossbow, and Firebolt Thrower. Suggestion: Arrange the weapons by their variants to make it more organized. For example, Bone Bow and Twin Bow are the unique variants of the Bow; The Green Menace and The Pink Scoundrel are the unique variants of the Trick Bow.

                      • Anonymous

                        This is a great place to look for informations regarding Minecraft dungeons. However, some of the information are misleading. Take the sword, for example. The damage says 10 - 16 but this wouldn't be true if the power level is high. As for the enchantments, they're not strictly just weakening, chains, and committed, you can refer the viewers to the enchantments page (the enchantments page will need to separate weapon, armor, and ranged enchants). Everything is great, it just need better refinement when inputting informations otherwise it would be a pain editing them again later on.

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