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Character Type NPC
Location Obsidian Pinnacle

Arch-Illager is an NPC in Minecraft DungeonsNPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.


Arch-Illager Information

Long ago, in the Overworld, and the period of adventure and danger, an Illager was shunned by his kin and wandered various lands to seek a new home where he was only rejected and driven away. Consumed by his rage and anger, the Illager wandered blindly to wherever his feet brought him. Until long last, the Illager came across a mysterious temple and found a mysterious artifact that changed his life forever, there, the Illager found the Orb of Dominance and harnessed its power.

Corrupted by evil and driven by vengeance, with his newfound power, the Illager who now addresses himself as the Arch-Illager made sure that those who have wronged him will bow down and serve before him, and if they disobeyed, they would meet their doom. The Arch-Illager then raided the different lands, destroyed the villages and captured the villagers as his revenge and plan to take control of the Overworld.



Arch-Illager Location

  • Multiple areas
  • Obsidian Pinnacle
    • He appears in some areas where he'll summon mobs to ambush you.
    • Players will encounter the Arch-Illager as the final boss at the Obsidian Pinnacle.



Arch-Illager Notes & Tips

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