Cacti Canyon

cacti canyon location minecraft dungeons wiki guide
Boss Skeleton Horseman
Difficulty 2
Recommended Power 10
Secrets 1 / 1
Chests 2 / 2

Cacti Canyon is a location in Minecraft Dungeons. Cacti Canyon recommends a 10 Power Level in default mode and has Normal difficulty. Cacti Canyon features a desert location filled with cacti plants and is inhabited by the Illagers.


The Arch-Illager seeks to summon armies of the undead, using a power that rests deep within an ancient and forgotten desert temple.

Finding the temple, however, is an adventure in its own right. For the entrance lies hidden somewhere in this canyon, a sprawling maze of malevolent mobs and lost secrets.


Cacti Canyon Information

  • Difficulty: 2
  • Recommended Power: 10
  • Gear and Artifact Power: 12-19
  • Boss: Skeleton Horseman
  • Secrets: 1 / 1
  • Chests: 2 / 2


Cacti Canyon Objectives

  • Power the beacon.
  • Find the temple.
  • Power the beacons - 5/5
  • Find the temple.
  • Survive the ambush!
  • Find the Golden Key - 2/2
  • Open the Gold Gate
  • Find the temple.
  • Survive the ambush!
  • Enter the temple.


Cacti Canyon Loot and Drops

Listed below are the equipment items that drop for each difficulty mode. Items such as WeaponsArmor, and Artifacts randomly drop by mobs and are found inside chests. Players will need to rerun the location and hopefully, you'll have the chance for the item to drop. Undiscovered items are indicated with a Question Mark in the mission select screen back at the Camp. To learn more about unlocking the difficulty levels, check our New Game Plus page.


Cacti Canyon Notes & Tips

  • Get on higher ground to attack mobs.
  • Beware of husks and vanguards.
  • Other notes and tips goes here.



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