Dingy Jungle

Boss Enderman
Difficulty __difficulty__
Recommended Power __power__
Secrets ? / ?
Chests ? / ?

Dingy Jungle is a location in Minecraft Dungeons. Dingy Jungle recommends a __power__ Power Level in default mode and has __difficulty__ difficulty. The Dingy Jungle features a lush jungle where the power of the Orb of Dominance has manipulated the environment and turned the creatures and plant-life into hostile beings. This location is part of the Jungle Awakens DLC.


The Orb of Dominance may have shattered, but its powerful shards have scattered across the vast Overworld. One of those shards has landed in the lush jungle, where new threats roar to life beneath the dark canopies.

The shard, the source of the corruption, must be destroyed to free this land from the Orb's dark manipulations.


Dingy Jungle Information

  • Difficulty: __difficulty__
  • Recommended Power: __power__
  • Gear and Artifact Power: ??
  • Boss: Enderman
  • Secrets: ? / ?
  • Chests: ? / ?


Dingy Jungle Objectives

  • Explore the jungle.
  • Pass the stronghold.
  • Explore the jungle.
  • Explore the vine maze.
  • Follow the pass.
  • Survive the ambush!
  • Cross the canyon.
  • Survive the gauntlet.
  • Search for the temple.
  • Search for clues & unlock the gateway.
  • Survive the ambush!
  • Go through the gateway.


Dingy Jungle Loot and Drops

Listed below are the equipment items that drop for each difficulty mode. Items such as WeaponsArmor, and Artifacts randomly drop by mobs and are found inside chests. Players will need to rerun the location and hopefully, you'll have the chance for the item to drop. Undiscovered items are indicated with a Question Mark in the mission select screen back at the Camp. To learn more about unlocking the difficulty levels, check our New Game Plus page.


Dingy Jungle Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes and tips goes here.



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