Mooshroom Island

Boss Mooshroom Monstrosity
Difficulty n/a
Recommended Power n/a
Secrets --
Chests --

Mooshroom Island is a location in Minecraft Dungeons. The Mooshroom Island is the ultimate secret level that's labeled as "???". It can only be accessed by finding all 10 runes that are hidden in the game.


A small secret island that can only be accessed by finding all 10 runes.


Mooshroom Island Information

  • Difficulty: n/a
  • Recommended Power: n/a
  • Gear and Artifact Power: n/a
  • Boss: Mooshroom Monstrosity
  • Secrets: --
  • Chests: --


Mooshroom Island Objectives

  • Moo?
  • Leave the island.


Mooshroom Island Loot and Drops

  • For this secret dungeon, players are rewarded with XP and a ton of Emeralds. The mobs only drop random Consumables.


How to unlock the Mooshroom Island

  • The main objective is to acquire a total of 10 Runes that are in the game. But first, you'll have to complete the game in default mode find the temple located at the Camp.
  • To find the temple, head southeast from the Mission Select or the Map that's on the table. You'll find jump pads that you can use to reach the far southern part of the camp.
  • When you reach the far south side, head west which is at the bottom left and you'll see a path that leads to a wooden bridge.
  • Lower the drawbridge to open up a shortcut back to the center of the Camp, then head inside the entrance of the temple near the bridge.
  • Inside the temple, you'll find a mechanism that prompts you to "Place Runes". You will need to have 10 runes, you already have one, so the other 9 are hidden in the locations.

    • Creeper Woods: When you reach and complete the objective "Free the Villagers", check the southwest corner of the village and you'll find a stone platform/structure. You'll find the switch that will open up a path underneath it, the switch is at the northeast side of the stone slabs.
    • Soggy Swamp: After defeating the boss, Corrupted Cauldron, do not exit the location first. Near the door leading to the exit, check the right side. There's a stone column and on the left side of it, there's a switch you can activate. This will reveal a door behind it.
    • Pumpkin Pastures: In between the starting area, and before you complete the first objective, you'll find a long wall that stretches to the right side. It may look like a dead-end but you'll find some crates at the side by the dead-end. Check behind the crates to find a switch that will open a door behind the wall next to it.
    • Cacti Canyon: When you reach the objective where you'll need the blue golem key, you'll be ambushed by mobs summoned by the Arch-Illager. After surviving the attack, before getting the blue key, look at the left side, you'll find the switch behind some a bush. This will open up the door behind a wall where the blue key is.
    • Redstone Mines: Reach the objective Free the Villagers. You'll come across an area where you'll find the villagers mining, check the corners near the glowing crystals to find the switch.
    • Desert Temple: When you obtain the objective to find the gold key. Inside the room where you find the key, there's a switch nearby along the wall.
    • Fiery Forge: In this location, you'll come across a dead Redstone Golem. Near it, you'll find a switch that reveals a hidden door next to it.
    • Highblock Halls: Reach the courtyard area where you'll find an archery practice range. You'll find an extinguished torch on the northeast wall.
    • Obsidian Pinnacle: Progress through the location until you reach the inner section where you'll see a room with long tables in it. Head to the far end side of the room and check behind the bookcase where you'll find the switch that opens a secret door.
  • Since you have all 9 runes, head back to the temple at the Camp and activate the switch. You'll unlock another door where you'll find the scroll that will unlock the location, as well as chests for you to loot.
  • Head back to the center of the camp and check the map. You'll find the area marked as "???" which can now be traveled to.


Mooshroom Island Notes & Tips

  • The secret level was meant to be an easter egg for Diablo fans.



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