Updraft Tome

Type Artifact
Rarity Common - Rare
Artifact Skill Effect 6.3 sec Stun
12032 DMG
5 targets Max
Artifact Skill Cooldown 12 seconds

Updraft Tome is an Artifact in Minecraft Dungeons. Updraft Tome launches mobs into the air that stuns and damages. Each artifact grants the hero a skill that can be used in and out of battle - in order for the skill to be available, the artifact must be equipped.


An ancient book filled with illegible glyphs, you feel a strange breeze as you flip through the pages.


Updraft Tome Information

  • Equipment Type: Artifact
  • Rarity: Common - Rare
  • Skill Description: Launch enemies into the air, stunning and damaging them
  • Artifact Skill Effect: 12032 DMG, 6.3 seconds sun duration, 5 targets max.
  • Artifact Skill Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Salvage Payback: emerald-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guide ??


Updraft Tome Acquisition


Updraft Tome Notes & Tips

  • Players can equip up to three different artifacts.
  • Other tips and notes go here.



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