Nightmare's Bite

Type Melee
Rarity Unique
Melee Damage damage
Weapon Effect/s

 uniqe-equipment-effect-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guide Spawns Poison Clouds
fixed-armor-bonus-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guide Dual Wield

 Nightmare's Bite is a Weapon in Minecraft Dungeons. Nightmare's Bite has __damage__ Damage, and it is a melee type of weapon. Weapons can be fully upgraded and change its effects by unlocking randomized Enchantments with the use of spending Enchantment Points.


The twin blades of NightMare's Bite drip with deadly venom, Still potent after all these years.

Nightmare's Bite Information

  • Weapon Type: Melee
  • Rarity: Unique
  • Melee Damage:
  • Salvage Payback: emerald-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guide226
  • Weapon Effect/s: 
    • Spawns Poison Clouds
    • Dual Wield


Nightmare's Bite Acquisition

  • Dropped at: Desert Temple & Pumpkin Pastures
  • Dropped by: Higher drop chance at boss
  • Purchased from: Low chance from Blacksmith at the Camp.


Nightmare's Bite Enchantments


Nightmare's Bite Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes and Tips go here
  • Players can salvage weapons to obtain a certain number of Emeralds and Enchantment Points that have been spent on.



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