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Enchanter is an enemy in Minecraft Dungeons. Enemies are hostile characters that appear in various locations of the game, these are creatures that are created by the Arch-Illager to stop the hero from disrupting its plan from ruling over the land. Players can find information regarding its location, items that it drops, and many more.


Enchanter Information

  • Enchanters are capable of enchanting other enemies around it.
  • Once they enchant an enemy, they can grant various buffs such as an increased amount of health, damage, appearance, and size.
  • To identify if there is an Enchanter, players will see a beam of light that's linked to the enemy it's enchanting.
  • Prioritize in killing the Enchanter in order to stop its enchanting effect on other enemies around.
  • If players get close to this enemy, it will attack the hero by hitting it with its book.
  • The Enchanter is capable of enchanting up to two enemies.
  • Players can also use the Love Medallion artifact against enchanted enemies. This will cause enchanted enemies to turn against the enemies and attack them for you.


Enchanter Drops

  • The gear that is dropped depends on the dungeon or location you are playing.
  • Items dropped by mobs when killed are random, as well as the number of emeralds. 
    • emerald-icon-minecraft-dungeons-wiki-guide Emeralds
    • Check our Consumables page to see a full list of all the items.
    • To view a full list of equipment that drops such as Weapons and Armor, please visit our Locations page.


Enchanter Location

  • Common enemy that appears in most of the base game's Locations.


Enchanter Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here



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